Eulen nach Athen

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A new exhibition of New England sculptural work.
Neue Werke aus dem “Neuen” Neuengland,
Bildhauer aus Maine, New York und Vermont in Berlin.

Cristina Salusti

The tree-like forms of the “Of the Earth” series comes as a result of the dramatic shift in our environment. I observe and experience the landscape that surrounds me. I know the posture of each tree along my daily path, especially those with idiosyncratic shapes. Some grow in impossible oblique angles, defying gravity. Some are implausibly spindly for their soaring height. As I make these vessels, I am acutely aware of each of their postures. I bandage them in wet gauze to try to control their bends and plumb lines. Alignment is, after all, something that I am acutely aware of. As artists, we interpret aspects of the world around us. Inevitably, there appears a point where we depart from reality, where our handprint takes over. It is that exact moment, when reality yields to transcendence and that art happens.


Digby Veevers-Carter

The ideas surrounding the trees comes from a fascination with the tenacity, with which the living world clings to life. A tree can take hold in a fissure on a cliff face over-hanging the sea. It springs from little soil, battered by salt spray and still it will grow. Stunted, gnarled and always withering it will tenaciously hold on to life. It seems natural to start looking at leaves. They mark the seasons of spring and winter gloriously. They live, they die. When there is wind they dance, swirling in leaf vortexes, when they are falling and moving, the whole tree becomes part of the wind, caught unwittingly in a fleeting moment of beauty. The leaf sculptures – American red oak leaves- are an attempt of sculpt the wind upon the leaves. All the sculptures are created and cast in bronze at “Somerset Sculpture and Foundry” in Maine, by the artist. Although they are made in additions of eight, each one is unique and different because I have changed and tweaked them.


Cynthia Stroud

Deeply inspired by coastal wildlife, her most recent bronze works defy gravity and celebrate the freedom of migrating birds and the aerial prowess of birds of prey. Our gaze is taken upwards to see flocking songbirds, a rush of syncopated wings bursting into the sky.